Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It never rains but it pours.

Wow do the fates have it in for me right now, first my cottage and caft stuff being ruined now our 03 plate zafira is kaput. Long story but pertol was put in our diesel engine a year ago and luckily we had it sorted out immediately.We thought we had got away with it but...The car went to have plugs and filters when it was discovered some seals had to be replaced, we had all the work done but it wouldn't start. After some investigation it looks like something major has gone in the engine and is way beyond what we can afford to get fixed. We still have eighteen months to pay for the car so as you can imagine we are really upset. Normally I would say it was the mechanic milking the job for money but it happens to be the mechanics are my brother and nephew. We now have to look into ways of refinancing to get a car and hope the dealers will take our non moving one in a part exchange. If they won't we are stumped.
Then today our darling Nero,our white cat, had a massive stroke and has died. Everyone here is devastated especially my son. Nero was a peculiar boy, we had him as an adult cat and he was so nervous he wouldn't come to anyone but me and my son. He spent every night on his bed and if Ben wasn't in bed by his usual bed time Nero would come looking for him and meow to say it was time to settle down. I have given the care of Baily to him but as you may understand it is not comforting him very much right now. We have a new addition to the family who my son is now scared to get attached to as to use Ben's words it hurts too much when they die.
I haven't crafted for a while as replacing all I lost is going to be a slow process as we need to prioritise things and right now a car is number one due to the fact we rely so heavily on one, Ben has split days in school due to a reactive lymph node and he is sent home if his lessons are sports,pe, or over the other building on the grounds. I don't go out unless it is in the car so I am grounded plus we can't get to our local super store to get shopping.
I hope next time I post it will be brighter news but I just wanted to let you all know why I haven't been about a lot.


A Latte Stampin said...

Boy you are having a hard time...I am firm believer that it comes in 3's. So your done now and GREAT thing are going to happen. To answer your question about becoming one I'll email soon as i find out.

Anesha said...

really sorry to hear about your troubles. sorry about your cat, i understand how your son feels. typing with left hand at the moment.
do you mind sending me your address email is on my profile page.hugs anesha

Carol said...


Thanks for catching up with me.... my are you having a rough time at the mo.... HUGS to you all. Poor Ben it'll take him a whhile I know what he means!!

I can stamp images if you want and have surpless stock so if you leave your e-mail and or addy on my blog or at the SBS 20 forum and let me know that's where details are, and what fav inmage types are I can help a bit!! (I won't publish it)!!

TC Hugs to you and yours

Carol said...

Hi Hun, will do and get in post for weekend I have some freebie sites to share too....

Should keep you busy for a while :)