Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello everyone

Well it's been a few days since my last post but to be honest I feel I should be posting cards and crafty things, I can't make any cards right now as my studio is still in progress. I will pop a few WIP photo's tomorrow though. The studio is now up but there is so much left to do. I am not complaining though as it is so huge and I can't wait to get crafting. A whole fourteen foot by nine foot to myself will be awesome.
I thought I would tell you a little about my day at create and craft. We got there late due to the sat nav loosing us lol but Anna assured me it would be ok. We signed in and after a short wait (while waiting Dave Bradford walked past us and winked at me),Jo the production manager came to collect me, we went right in to watch a show live with Dave and a wonderful lady with an art nouveau CD ROM she had drawn, it was so beautiful. We watched for half and hour then went to a conference room for tea biccy's and to play with the four day deal as we needed cards made for the first live show. The door opened and in walked Stephanie Weightman, she is just as funny and nice as she appears on the shows. We had a great chat and she put us at ease.
I went out with Jo for a "breath of fresh air" and bumped into Dave again, we had a great chat.
When we got back in it was time to prepare for the show, by now I was dying from fright lol. Into the studio we went and sat at a table got our mic's sorted, had a chat with Steph and Nancy Watt. She is also just as lovely and fun as she is on TV.
We crafted while the show was going live and occasionally chatted to Steph. I was approached by the sound man and asked could I count to five to check my mic, I thought I had spilled water on it as he didn't ask any one else to do a sound check. I was soon to discover why he did the check......
Steph said she was going to read some emails, she read one or two then said "we have an email from a young lady" then she looked directly at me, who was by now dying in case I had to talk. The camera focused directly on me and as you may guess it was from my daughter and Steph asked me a few things about her etc. How I got through those minutes without hiding under the table I don't know. I was proud of her email though as it was well written for a girl with her head in pixie land lol.
When the show was over we went to the counter and had a great chat with Steph and Nancy about crafting. It was by now time for lunch which Steph joined us for. While we were eating Nigel May walked in, I was so thrilled as Anna had said he was coming in on his day off just to meet me as I am a friend on facebook of his. What a truely nice guy. Jo asked if I wanted to go for more "fresh air" and Nigel joined us so where as the other ladies shared Steph I got one on one time chatting to Nigel and other presenters that shared mine and Jo's addiction for fresh air.
Time for the next show seemed to come very quickly while we were chatting but it was less nerve racking. Nigel hugged us and gave us a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye and it was back on air. After the second show was over we were given a little more time to chat then it was over, we were all given the kits to bring home and a goody bag, we all had photo's taken and Steph,Nancy and Jo gave us all a hug and a peck on the cheek to say bye.
It took six plus hours to get there and was exhausting but boy was it worth it. We were asked if we would be interested in going back and as you can imagine we all said yes please. I thought that what we see on the shows was just for the cameras but please believe me the whole building is full of such lovely friendly people, the presenters were all amazing and just as great off air as they are on air. My only regret about the whole day is that it is over. I have put tow pictures on here but the quality is bad as they were taken on my mobile as someone left the camera at home.....oops

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boy what a week

Wow it has been so up and down these last few weeks, I am so nervous about this weekend I feel queasy. I am also having my new workshop delivered it is fourteen foot by nine foot, we waited all week for it and now he has decided to bring it today of all days. I was supposed to go get something to wear as there is a certain dress code for the show which includes none of the style clothes I wear. The workshop needs weather treating and needs to go up right away for several reasons, all of my remaining stuff in in the middle of the lounge including my desk and shelves etc so we need it out of the way. Then there is always the fact once my small workshop is down and gone to the new owner I will have a gaping hole in the fence where it stood and the dogs can get free.
I only managed to get the new workshop because we had to get a loan for a car as our old one was dead and we had no transport, I listed my small play house for sale and got almost enough to buy the total bargain from our local paper 14 X 9 shed for two hundred, well my playhouse got one fifty and by the time we paid for the car we had fourty left so I bartered. Watch this space and I will keep updated photo's of the work in progress.
I have been selling some things on ebay and replacing a few things that were ruined and thanks to Anesha and Carol being so sweet and kind I had two wonderful surprises....Thank you both from the bottom of my heart your gems.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stunning photographer

Hey guys check out the link to the left, I know I am probably biased but this girl is amazing. My daughter Amelia Jane has a natural talent for photography, she has never had any lessons or been on courses but check out some of her work. She points a camera clicks and turns out works of art. Like I say I could be biased so take a look and make your own minds up.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me on tv

I am stunned, I got an email from create and craft club with the usual monthly info and at the end of the email it said I was one of six people chosen to go to head quarters for the day and appear on three live shows. I am so excited but as yet have no idea how I will get there with no car.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well we have had a little snow here and I thoughtI would share some pictures.