Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boy what a week

Wow it has been so up and down these last few weeks, I am so nervous about this weekend I feel queasy. I am also having my new workshop delivered it is fourteen foot by nine foot, we waited all week for it and now he has decided to bring it today of all days. I was supposed to go get something to wear as there is a certain dress code for the show which includes none of the style clothes I wear. The workshop needs weather treating and needs to go up right away for several reasons, all of my remaining stuff in in the middle of the lounge including my desk and shelves etc so we need it out of the way. Then there is always the fact once my small workshop is down and gone to the new owner I will have a gaping hole in the fence where it stood and the dogs can get free.
I only managed to get the new workshop because we had to get a loan for a car as our old one was dead and we had no transport, I listed my small play house for sale and got almost enough to buy the total bargain from our local paper 14 X 9 shed for two hundred, well my playhouse got one fifty and by the time we paid for the car we had fourty left so I bartered. Watch this space and I will keep updated photo's of the work in progress.
I have been selling some things on ebay and replacing a few things that were ruined and thanks to Anesha and Carol being so sweet and kind I had two wonderful surprises....Thank you both from the bottom of my heart your gems.


Phree said...

Wow sounds like you have had an hectic time. Hope the new workshop arrived ok and that you had fun on your visit to create and craft.

Carol said...

What a busy week - good luck with workshop and I hope you had a really FUN time at C&C- can't wait to hear all about it!!